About us

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De Graaf Engineering has many years of experience. This experience is particularly focused on machine and equipment construction and the oil and gas industry. Within machine and equipment construction we have made machines developments made for ground, road and water construction. Also for the demolition and recycling industry. Within the oil and gas industry there was a great need for mechanical engineering support. De Graaf Engineering has responded to this. In terms of mechanical support, the whole aspect falls. Designing the drawing board, calculating and supervising the production of the relevant (pressure-holding) machines.



Quality is highly regarded at De Graaf Engineering. We design in accordance to your desired design standard. We can also advise you in selecting the correct standards for your product. There is also the possibility that De Graaf Engineering specifies requisitions * for you in accordance with additional company-specific regulations. You can think of specific material requirements (for example, notch toughness requirements in the case of application for cold temperatures) and welding instructions, etc. De Graaf Engineering can also develop any needed 3D model and analyze any complex shape for you for sufficient strength using the finite element method. This allows you to reduce costs on prototypes.

* On the basis of a requisition you (or De Graaf Engineering for you) can request the designed product from various suppliers. These can offer on the basis of this requisition and De Graaf Engineering can evaluate the offers technically and commercially. This means you are assured of the best quality at the best price. If needed, we can also carry out the final check on products and the documents supplied by the supplier concerned. Of course we can also provide the FAT / SAT on the product and documents for you.



Safety is extremely important and involves several aspects. De Graaf Engineering will take the aspect of safety into account in the design, but of course also in the implementation process. With the last we mainly refer to performing the physical activities as safely as possible.

Onder veiligheidscultuur verstaan we de houding, waarden, aannames, percepties en gewoonten met betrekking tot het omgaan met veiligheidsrisicos.